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YUK for interiors is a full service interior design firm located in Lebanon since 2018, specializing in high end interior designs for commercial and residential projects.Our project resume includes both new home construction and renovations of residential interiors of all sizes,small to large.

We specialise in all aspects of building works, design, supply, custom furniture, lighting and installation. From the start to the finishing home interiors . We focus on designing spaces that represent your personal style and functionality needs, paired with our unique and timeless design concepts. Our team is skilled in handling all aspects of a design job, including project management, budget review and collaborating with architects and builders. We believe that constant attention to details from our first conceptual effort to the final installation of furniture is essential to ensuring client satisfaction.

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We design interiors that range from residential, commercial to recreational. We also give advice and recommendations on refurbishment and recreation of old buildings. Management, supervision, construction are our specialty as well; we are committed to delivering inspired work that fulfill client expectations through collaboration and exceptional services.

How the interior Design process works ?

  • Concept Creation
  • Design Development
  • Selections
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Project Delivery

Our Steps

Step 1: Concept Creation

It is the 1st part of the design process that starts with a concept after a visit to the site to create an agreed upon flow to the space .

Step 2: Design Development

After the concept and sharing your ideas with our designers, comes the work for the project manager who works closely with an architect to develop construction documents, 3D designs and Autocad maps..

Step 3: Selections of materials

After finishing all the needed documents and 3D , The project manager develops ideas and presentations regarding all the materials, lighting accessories and makes visits with you to different funiture showroom to help you select everything for the projects. After getting your confirmation the PM develops the project’s budget.

Step 4: Planning

After getting your Approval on the Designs, the materials and the budgeting , We start preparing specifications outlining in detail the intent of the designs, as well as interior plans for General contractors and subcontractors to begin the scope of work .

Step 5: Construction

Now all designs, plans, materials and scope of work have been approved by you, We begin work very closely under the vision of a dedicated project manager who is responsible for ensuring a flawless and timely execution of the work and turnover .

Step 6: Project Delivery

This is a crucial turning point in the project as every detail is solidified. We all work together in a proper way on all the details to ensure that we get high-end design touch . A very big surprise is waiting for you when you will bring the bell for Your new home!!

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We are always glad to cooperate and are ready to execute any project considering all your wishes with the application of our many years of experience.


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